Rick Williams Snooker Performance Coach


Individual session (90mins) £35  

Card or bank transfer, no cash please. 

I am based at 

The Moor Club, Stockport SK4 4PB

If I am available and it is feasible we can meet up at different locations if they are suitable. Securing the table&cost is your responsibility. There may be travel costs. 

DBS certified 


I adopt a practical approach to learning and apply this to performance coaching. We will explore all aspects of performance and also help you to learn how to manage your own game. 


I see many players who have gone around in circles with different aspects of technique, tips and advice from many different sources. There is almost too much information out there. An independent objective view can be so valuable. 

I will highlight and help you to develop the skills that would be most beneficial for you It may be that there are technical aspects of your game that need addressing, but often looking at the performance aspect of your game, in addition to cue ball control, key shots and skills will bring the greatest benefits.  There is no doubt that performance is a combination of technique and the mind. 

I take an individual approach to players. It is all about exploring what works for you. Many players have not yet learnt to fully bring their skills from the practice table to a competitive situation. Finding the right approach to enable the player to do that, as well as learning new skills, is key.  

I am an accredited SightRight coach. If we go down that route, a number of sessions will be required. You will not just get it after a session. You need to understand it and learn to integrate it fully and I need to ensure you are actually doing it and make any necessary corrections. 

Each session is 90 minutes. Sometimes there is a ready solution to resolve a specific issue in your game, but in general I am more interested in long term development. So I would typically work with a player for a period of time, to allow them to develop the skills we have worked on. I want what you learn to stay with you throughout a lifetime in the game. 

If you are interested in working together please drop me an email. 


Please note that I only work with a certain number of players each year and when I reach capacity I do not take on any new players.