Rick Williams World Snooker Coach

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Thanks Rick for the expert snooker tuition.

Every aspect of my game has improved after having one hour per week coaching. 

I would recommend your methods to anyone wanting to improve their game, irrespective of ability or age (I am 67 and don`t expect to compete at the Crucible!) 

You have identified weaknesses in my game and provided practical solutions to improve these. 

I thoroughly enjoy the sessions which are unhurried and great value for money

'Ive been working with Rick for a little over 12 months now and I'm now
cueing the straightest and most consistent than I've ever done before.

Rick has endless patience and is totally committed to helping any of his
students to achieve their potential. He always knows a routine or an
exercise to help you on a shot that you're struggling with or trying to
perfect and he always sets targets that are challenging yet achievable with
focussed practice.

His enthusiasm and passion for the game is obvious from the first time you
meet him - he's a snooker lover as well as a snooker coach. Would I
recommend him? 100% yes.

I have played snooker for over 30 years and noticed my game was not
improving, in fact I was starting to miss the easy shots. I blamed my eyesight
and after an eye test discovered I had a cataract in one eye. So after surgery I
decided to approach the game with a real determination to improve. Having never
had a lesson before,I have had over 20 lessons with Rick and he is the consummate professional who
completely understands snooker. It’s much more than improving your cue action,
with Rick’s passion and knowledge he imparts this understanding on you, which is
reflected in his lessons and helps you to be a more effective player at the
table. Rick is always innovative in his teaching methods. He senses when you may
not grasp a particular shot, however this isn’t an obstacle to Rick's imagination
and communication skills, he will always adjust his teaching style to help you,
which creates a fun and friendly atmosphere as well!

Rick has given me back the enthusiasm to enjoy snooker for many years to come.
If you are serious about improving your game of snooker then contact Rick for a
lesson, I’m glad I did! 

Made a 124 break last night against a top player. All thanks to your training bud.